About Amulet (Evil Eye)

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Amulets are blue colored beads which are believed to have an absorbing character and protect people from danger and harm in many cultures and believes and generally have a form like an eye.

Evil eye is a common belief among some people.People have always wanted to protect themselves from negative energy and vicious thoughts. Therefore, they have used so many objects to prevent malignity such as horseshoe or garlic. However, the most common objects are blue amulets.

These objects are generally formed like an eye and can be in different sizes regarding the place of use.

For instance, amulets worn by children are too small where the amulets put on the walls of homes and offices are much bigger and the ones worn by adults or put on the cars are generally medium or small sized.

Authentic and natural amulets are manufactured with traditional methods in Aegean Region and some villages in Anatolia. During the manufacturing process, lead is poured in it and this is thought to bring good luck as well.

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